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Texas Renters Insurance Water Backup Coverage – Why Is It Important?

We’re often asked if we can strip absolutely everything unnecessary including Texas Renters Insurance water backup coverage, because the insured just wants to have the bare minimum necessary to cover their obligations under the lease, generally $100,000 of liability.

That wouldn’t be a renters insurance policy, that would be a Texas personal liability policy. which is an entirely different product. Renters insurance in Texas contains several different types of coverage, and they’re all important. There are a few optional endorsements, as well, and sometimes we’re asked if Texas renters insurance water backup coverage is important.

Texas renters insurance water backup coverage costs just a few dollars a year, but why do you need it? As you can see from the image above, toilets, drains, sinks, and sewers do back up from time to time, and in a multi-family home the odds are increased. If your toilet overflows because the neighbor flushed something they shouldn’t have, it’s your home and your things that are ruined, not theirs. A Texas Renters Insurance policy excludes coverage for sewer backup by default, but you can add it back in.

How Much Does Water Backup Coverage Cost On Texas Renters Insurance?

On average, anywhere from ten to twenty-five dollars a year. That’s quite literally pocket change. It’s important to remember that while clean water damage can often be repaired, it’s exponentially more difficult and expensive to clean up after a significant sewage backup. Besides, even if it could be cleaned,

look at the image above and ask yourself if you really want to sleep on that bed after it’s been steeped in excrement-laden water. There are some situations where cleaning is simply not enough. More than likely, everything porous in that room will have to be replaced entirely, rather than cleaned, because of the significant health risks that come along with untreated sewage saturating your personal property.

Do All Companies Offer Water Backup Coverage On Texas Renters Insurance?

In most areas, yes. It’s a standard endorsement on the Texas Renters Insurance HO-4 policy form. You may find it’s not available on older policy forms, but there are very few good reasons to write new business on those older forms anyway. Even Texas Fair Plan renters insurance, which uses a modified HO-BT (the older form) offers water backup coverage on Texas renters insurance. But there are exceptions to every rule, and you never want to find yourself in a position where your coverage options are limited.

The best way to ensure you get Texas renters insurance water backup coverage is to call Effective Coverage at (800)892-4308 or click above for online Texas renters insurance quotes. You’ll work with a friendly renters insurance expert who will explain what coverage is available and help you customize the perfect policy to meet both your needs and your individual risk tolerance. Fast Texas renters insurance is available from Effective Coverage throughout the state.

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