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Why we need health insurance

why we need health insurance

A Fantasy Communication From the Government to the Consumer

Washington’s view of health insurance agents comes from extensive research into the practices of the health insurance agent. Agents merely help people sort through the myriad of health insurance choices to complete a purchase transaction. For that one transaction the agent receives an exorbitant commission, a commission so large that it impacts the affordability of health insurance for the average family. Eliminate the myriad of choices and there is no need for an agent. Cut out the agent and not only will the insurance companies be able to comply with the new medical loss ratio requirements, but health insurance will also be more affordable for all Americans.

Once your employees enroll, they are covered. If Suzy your receptionist calls you from the local drugstore saying that the pharmacist is saying she in not in the system, just have her tell the pharmacist to call 1-877-onholdforever.

We realize that as an employer your insurance agent may have assisted you with compliance of various federal laws such as COBRA, HIPPA, FMLA and now PPACA. We are pleased to inform you that those services can be obtained by calling the DOL, IRS, CMS or HHS directly. Please be patient as we do experience heavy call volume between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. We can only recite the law to you, so if you require an interpretation on how certain aspects of the law would apply to your specific situation we suggest you hire a labor attorney at $400 per hour. Those insurance agents who were giving you free interpretations of these laws could not charge you because they were already receiving commission.

Another exciting part of health care reform is that doctors’ offices and hospitals are now required to code all claims correctly so there is no longer a need to question your EOB (explanation

of benefits) when you receive it. Your out-of-pocket expenses will match up perfectly with what the provider has billed and what your health plan pays. If you receive a bill from the doctor or hospital, just pay it.

Easy Online Payments

Speaking of paying, the benefit of an online pothole is that you can pay your premiums with your corporate credit card. As you know, paying online is a simple and easy process. Your credit card information will be secure and protected. You can also use PayPal. It charges a fee, but it will be paid by the pothole administrator and it is cheaper than paying commission to an insurance agent.

Another advantage of the pothole is that there will be no need for you, the employer, to hold educational enrollment meetings. These meetings are time consuming and cause employees to ask way too many questions of the insurance agent conducting the meetings.

The good news is that employees will now ask those same questions to you, which will help break up your busy day. In addition you will get to know your employees most intimate health conditions and be able to share this information with other employees. It will be like a built-in wellness program. Wellness is a big part of health care reform. In order to qualify for certain grants and to keep your health insurance costs down, you can develop and administer a wellness program for your employees. Previously it was assumed that insurance agents would help with this, but they are greedy and would have done it for free.

Finally, please be advised that the pothole may not function on all computer systems. Older versions of Windows, Macintosh and iPads are not supported by the pothole. If you have one of these systems, then either go buy a new one or call us at 1-877-onholdforever.

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