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Why we need travel insurance

why we need travel insurance

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why we need travel insurance

The competition on the insurance market is stringent and there are many companies ready to offer travel insurance suitable for one's needs and preferences. Remember that is vital that you purchase travel insurance in order to protect your travel investment.

While browsing, decide what type of coverage you require. Take in consideration several factors such as: journey duration, destination and your age and health conditions. You should also check if preexisting conditions are covered by your travel insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance is a necessity you cannot do without. It offers coverage for unpredictable situations such as: cancellation of trips, delays of travel, lost of luggage and personal belongings, emergency evacuation or medical expenses. Some travel insurance policies have additional claims for accidental deaths.

• Medical treatment in an emergency. Unfortunately you cannot predict what will happen to you whilst you are on vacation. From time to time people on holiday become ill or have an accident which requires immediate medical attention, with holiday travel insurance you may not have to pay for all or part this

treatment (depending on the level of cover you purchase).

• Cancellation of your travel plans and vacation. Some people are unlucky enough to have something serious happen at home while they are away on holidays, such as the death of a loved one. In these cases the person might have to return home suddenly. Even cheap holiday travel insurance can cover you for this type of incident, especially if you have ill loved ones at home.

• Cover for baggage and personal belongings. If you find that your baggage goes missing en route or you have valuables stolen your holiday insurance can cover them. If you have a particular item that is of specific value you should declare this when you book your holiday travel insurance. Make sure that if you are looking for the cheapest holiday travel insurance you mention your needs when you get a quote. Otherwise you might find that you cheap insurance is not worth it. In many cases, you can purchase cheaper travel insurance and pay an extra premium for specific valuables you wish to have covered such as cameras or laptops.

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