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Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those things that people don’t like to think about or talk about but it sure is important to have it when you need it. I always use travel insurance when I travel abroad and have several personal examples of friends and family saving tens of thousands of dollars because they had travel insurance when they needed it. That said, here is why you need travel insurance.

If you’re planning an expensive trip where you stand to lose a lot of money if your trip is cancelled due to sudden or unforeseen circumstances you’ll need to get travel insurance. I have seen it time and time again, sadly.

Life happens and when it does, you should be covered so you don’t end up paying for your trip of a lifetime even though you can’t go anymore. I’ve never had to personally cancel a trip beforehand but I once was in Papua New Guinea and I had a death in the family.

I had to cancel the rest of my trip to get back to New York. Unfortunately, I did not have travel insurance and ended up having to pay out of pocket about $5500 for a ticket home for the funeral. Eating that money plus the cancelled portion of the trip made the circumstances even worse for me. I’ve had travel insurance every trip since.

Another reason for travel insurance when you travel abroad is in case you get sick or injured. Most US health insurance plans won’t cover your medical costs abroad and you will most likely be required to pay medical costs up front in other countries.

Travel insurance can make this easier or even doable at all by reimbursing you for your medical bills abroad and can even work with the hospital to pay your costs up front for you. This is invaluable.

My grandmother once broke her femur in Thailand on a cruise. She was stuck in the hospital for nearly a week before she was transported home in a private medical plane all the way from Bangkok to Connecticut. This would have cost her $50,000+ had she not had travel insurance, which covered nearly all her costs.

Travel insurance can also be useful in dealing with things like a lost passport, luggage or simply dealing with where to go for medical care. It’s nice to have someone who’s on your side.

When things go wrong when you travel, especially if you’re a novice traveler, you may not know what to do or where to go. Having travel assistance is such a key asset to have in your corner to make your life easier and less stressful when things happen. It’s just another reason why you need travel insurance.

When considering travel insurance, consider going with the industry leader, Allianz Global Assistance. As a global company with offices in 34 countries, they have the resources to help you whenever you need them, wherever you may be. And they’re available 24/7/365. Visit to learn more.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with and receive financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance. However, everything written in this post was written by me; is my own personal experience, and recommendations. They have not been influenced in any way.

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