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How good is delta dental insurance

how good is delta dental insurance

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Recently I contacted Delta Dental and asked them to please cancel my policy because the plan was costing me more than they were paying. I pay $45.16 a month for coverage. My last dental bill was $285.00, Delta Dental paid $104.00. If you take the $181.00 that I paid, and add 6 months at $45.16 (because you're only allowed a cleaning every 6 months), that comes to $451.96. Without coverage through Delta Dental I would have saved $166.96. It is costing me more to have Delta Dental, thus my asking for them to cancel my policy. I emailed them 2 different times and each time it was denied my request stating my policy will be canceled Nov. 30th. That is another $180.64 from now.

Because my husband was laid off and we needed dental insurance, I very stupidly signed up with Delta Care USA, which is part of Delta Dental. It should have been a warning when I had so much trouble signing up. I filled out my form and sent

it to the address on their site. When I never heard from them, I called and they said I sent it to the wrong address for new accounts. I then asked them to refund the money which they did by check, and I paid for the insurance by credit card over the phone.

It has been a year now and I am STILL trying to get them to pay a $170.00 dental bill! Every time I call I get a new story; first it was that their computers were being redone, then it was that I didn't follow proper procedure (my dentist says we did), and now the latest one is that the bills keep going to the old account. I already told my credit card company that if they try billing my card for the next years' renewal, that it is fraud (I wouldn't put it past them to try that). So now, with my husband out of work for 2 years, how do I pay this bill when we are barely making utility bills?

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