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How good is geico auto insurance

how good is geico auto insurance

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GEICO Car Insurance Review

GEICO is an acronym for the Government Employees Insurance Company and is arguably the most famous car insurance company in the United States.

Spending over $500 million a year consistently advertising the GEICO brand the company spokespeople have helped make the GEICO brand a household name. In fact, the most famous celebrity in GEICO commercials is not a person at all but a gecko. A cute green lizard with a British accent who has been on TV quite possibly more than Regis Philbin. Many celebrities have been involved with GEICO advertising campaigns over the years including Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Haysbert from the TV show 24 fame.

GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway owned by legendary investor Warren Buffet.

The company currently insures over 9 million Americans providing car insurance coverage in all 50 States and the District of Columbia.

GEICO Car Insurance Products

As you can imagine GEICO offers a wide range of car insurance coverage options and aggressively competes in

the marketplace to provide affordable premiums for reliable coverage.

Any vehicle owner should always contact GEICO for a quote due to their wide range of products, superior marketplace reputation, 24 hour customer service and more. In fact, according to a statement on the GEICO company website

Consumers consider us among the top five best car insurance companies in customer satisfaction

We would have to agree. GEICO is not just one of the most famous companies nationwide, they are also backed by a company who has historically proven customer service is of great value to company ideals.

How to get a GEICO Car Insurance Quote

Contacting GEICO is fairly simple. You can call their toll free number day or night or visit the company website and simply complete a quick form.

Even though GEICO is a national brand and highly reputable car insurance company its important to compare car insurance companies before choosing any particular one. Use our nationwide ZIP CODE search to Find Car Insurance Companies who offer coverage in you area.

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