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How good is geico insurance

how good is geico insurance

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I didn't get the policy and good that I didn't. I don't think the policy was bad but the customer service was the worst. I lived at NYC for 3 years. I recently moved from NYC to Providence, RI, very happy to get my first car. I had definitely drove for years back home but got my US license 9 months back. I called customer service, gave her details. Her name was Amber. I had heard from my friends that if I have more years of driving, my insurance rate will be less even if I drove in other country. So I told her to have multiple years in my profile. She gave me a quote of $189/mth for 6 month or price of 6 months upfront. I chose previous. She checked my driver's license and told me that this is valid if I am taking policy for registered car at New York but not at RI as I don't have that many years in US. So now my policy will be $350 a month.

I was still okay and genuinely asked her if there is a possibility to get insurance from NYC since I recently moved and my husband was still living there. This was just a query from a customer to be better informed. Now she tells me it

might be an insurance fraud just because I asked her this question. I was doing this for the first time in my life and it was just a customer question. Then I discussed with my husband and asked her if I could cancel sooner than 6 month. Don't you think that was legitimate question. Here's what she said: "I overheard you and your husband discussing and since you are not thinking of commitment I would advice you to go to local insurance broker who may be able to find a better policy for you. If you want with us you have to pay $ 350 x 6 months full payment today or we cannot give you insurance." Now who has that much money when you recently moved and buying a car?

I was so furious and asked to speak for her supervisor Liveda. She was no help because I accepted to pay monthly for 6 month but she kept on insisting of upfront 6 months payment. I agree that many car insurance are to be paid upfront but she told me that I could do monthly payment or 6 months upfront. If you have a excellent credit score and you get this treatment (no trust even agreed to have a contract just by overhearing husband/wife's conversation and asking legitimate question) then Geico definitely not for me.

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