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How good is travelers insurance

how good is travelers insurance

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This is a true account. My wife and I had Travelers auto and homeowners for 15+ years. We are both professionals with postgraduate degrees and more than 10 years each employed with our respective companies, both with no debt and excellent credit, and had never missed an insurance payment. Home completely paid for. It seemed at the time, and for many years after, to be inexpensive and convenient. 15 years later, I got a speeding ticket. Let me reiterate, we were both 40+ yo in white collar jobs, with no prior claims, ever. Less than 10mph over the limit. Travelers dropped me, saying I was eligible to reapply for coverage after at least 3 years. My wife's auto coverage alone increased to more than our combined full coverage auto + home.

My experience with them was a roller coaster in terms of the information that I was given. I was told something different with every customer representative that I spoke with. Initially, I was very happy with my rates and service but when my daughter turned 16, they automatically sent me a new policy with her

as a rider on my policy without even consulting me. Next, I decided to place her on her own policy with another company (which I was paying for) for her own vehicle. When I called Travelers to have her removed, I was told that she would have to remain on my policy and that this would reduce the cost my policy slightly regardless of the fact that she was now on her own policy with a different company (Geico). I checked with several auto insurance companies whose agents had never heard of such a shady policy.

My advice is to find another company and read ALL the reviews on the web about this company. It was once a good company but I think their time has passed and there are much better options out there. By the way, I tried writing a review on and as soon as I wrote and published the review, it disappeared! I read through many of the other reviews on that site and they were completely bogus. Do yourself a favor and check ALL of the review sites about this product and STAY AWAY!

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