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How hard is it to become an actuary

how hard is it to become an actuary


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Most actuaries have math/statistics, finance, or econ degrees, but there are people who have majored in social sciences (this is more rare). Some have specifically actuarial science degrees. If you're serious about being an actuary,get the degree in actuarial science or mathematics and pay strong attention in those probability/statistics/ and mathematical finance courses.

Actuaries are business professionals who measure the risk and financial impact of providing insurance or some other financial investment. Mostly work for insurance companies. They tend to work alongside underwriters..etc. There are many fields, property, casualty. life insurance. health insurance. pensions (although this latter field is dwindling)

The biggest requirement to be a certified actuary is PASSING EXAMS. Depending upon You

have to pass 5 exams to be an Associate of Society of Actuaries. They are tough, have pass rates of 33 to 50 percent. they cover topics ranging from probability, mathematical finance, derivate markets, life contingencies. To then become a fellow, you have to pass like 2 to three more exams after that.

The field is very rewarding for those who succeed. actuary is ranked 2 best career in those career rankings like almost every year. it has best balance of work requirements, stress, advancement, and most importantly SALARY.

So, if you like math and business and are disciplined enough to study hundreds of hours outside work. then yeah. consider being an actuary.


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