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How difficult is PMP Exam

how hard is pmp certification

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The exam is not all that hard if you are well prepared. You can't just go in having read PMBOK once and think that you will pass though. And, if you are scoring so low on your simulated exams then that means you need to study more.

Here's my experience.

I passed my PMP exam! It was a great feeling to see the word “CONGRATULATIONS”, not to forget the 20-30 seconds delay in waiting for the result, looking at the blank screen. It was the result of four months hard work.

Following were my study materials

Simplilearn Online course

Attended almost all their online trainings


Rita’s 6th edition once

Read Rita’s 7th edition twice

PMBOK had a glance

Attempted as many as 3000 test questions, fastrack, Simplilearn, PMZilla, oliverlehmann, and many more.

Simplilearn new questions are very close to exam.

My Observations

I used to complete 200 questions simulation tests at an average of 2hrs, but in exam I took 3.5 hrs

Taking up multiple mock tests helped especially the wordy ones

Practicing to sit for 4 hrs and concentrate. helped in the exam

Having a glance at PMBOK summary and glossary a day before the exam, was handy

Understanding and remembering the process chart is of great value

Given another chance, this is what I would do

Better focus on studying Risk Management

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