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How insurance claims work


"Understanding How Property Insurance Claims Work"

A catastrophic loss to your commercial property or home will create an unfamiliar environment and will immediately create excessive demands on your time.

Important decisions involving thousands and sometimes millions of dollars must be made and often made quickly and with little margin for error. Decisions like this must be made early in the insurance claims process, specifically whether you should take advantage of the professional expertise of a public insurance adjuster.

Time and again it has been demonstrated that when dealing in an area that is unfamiliar, the end result can be a loss in valuable time and money.

Large or small, commercial or residential. properly

handling a claim involves a structured process that when followed, will ensure your claim is processed properly. We hope the following explanation will help you understand the process used by Abba Claims Consultants licensed public insurance adjusters and what to expect when dealing with a property damage insurance claim.

Step1: Initial Contact - Whether you contact us via phone (888)908-2042, email, or our free Claims Evaluation Form, we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

The more information you can provide us the better we can answer your questions and concerns. Upon review of your information we will call you to answer any additional questions and then schedule a meeting to inspect your damage.

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