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How to Get Birth Control Over the Counter

how can i get birth control without insurance

published 2010-05-27

This article was updated on October 14, 2014.

National chain stores and pharmacies such as Target and Walmart often carry a diverse selection of over-the-counter birth control methods. As long as you’ve got a will, plus the following things, there’s a way:

A way to get there. We're talking physically going to the store, so, you'll need to figure that out. BTW, if you have Internet access but don’t have easy access to a store (or just don't feel like going out), there are tons of ways to buy affordable over-the-counter birth control online.

Some money. Like anything else you buy at the store, you'll have to pay the going rate for birth control. If you'd prefer to

explore no-cost options, condoms might be a good starting point since you can often find them for free. (Check out Condom Finder, a Web app that helps you locate nearby freebie options .) BTW, if you have health insurance, there's a good chance that prescription methods are covered for you with no out-of-pocket costs. And if you don't have insurance, there might still be more options than you think for finding free birth control .

Got a way there and a way to pay? Here's where to go.

We took a look at the selections of the following major chain grocery and pharmacy stores, averaging their in-store prices across the country to find the best deals within reach. We looked at:

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