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How is progressive auto insurance

how is progressive auto insurance

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Although I have happily been with Progressive for over 6 years, today I was beyond frustrated with this company. I don't typically bash companies on the internet -- but in this case, I had to. My partner and I recently traded in both of our cars for a used truck. Before we purchased the truck, I called to get an insurance quote to be sure I could afford the monthly payments. Sure enough, the payments skyrocketed, but it was still super affordable. So we bought the truck! Yay! Of course today, I called to actually change my policy, and they told me that my monthly payment was over $40 more than what they quoted me. After being on the phone for 45 minutes, I finally got it so it was only $22 more than what they quoted me. I just took it.

I'm disgusted with Progressive. My husband and I have been with them 4+ years. They claim to have a loyalty program. I find no loyalty whatsoever on their end. It's really iffy how our policy varies in price from one month the next one month will be $150 the next could be $220 - who knows? Not once has my husband or I been in an accident or had a ticket, especially my husband who has been driving almost 30 years with no issues.

I think it's wrong that it's $60 if I give all my card information to them but at least $150 if it's not through my account. Needless to say, I'm done and looking for a different insurance company. Progressive is one big joke. Flo is awesome but she's also a fake character just like progressive and their "low prices" and "loyalty benefits".

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