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If I am covered under my parents insurance, but I move out of the house, am I required to change insurance to my own insurance policy or will I be allowed to stay covered under theirs?

how long am i covered under my parents health insurance

If you have moved out you will normally need to get your own car insurance policy to cover you and your vehicle. If the vehicle is registered in your parent's name you could remain on the policy but must be listed as an occassional driver.

While insurance companies' guidelines differ, most will not continue to insure you under your parent's auto insurance policy if you move out of their house. There are some exceptions such as it is a temporary move, such as to college or university.

For car insurance. if the child lives with their parents and drive their car(s), then they are eligible to stay listed on the parents' car insurance policy. But when you move out and live in a separate resident an insurer will no longer consider you a household resident and thus not insure you or your vehicle usually.

Even if you are a college student, if you are out of state then your parent's insurance may not follow you and cover

you. Many insurance companies will not insure a car that is garaged outside of the state of the insurance policy and is not in possession of the registered owner. There are some exceptions with some insurers that would cover a child who is away at college with a parent owned car. Once the child graduates though unless he or she moves home they would no longer be covered by their parent's insurance.

If you move out on your own you would normally need to obtain a car insurance policy to cover yourself and your vehicles. If you do not own a vehicle but want auto insurance then you could look for a non-owner's policy.

Your parents can speak with their insurance agent to find out the specific guidelines of their insurance company regarding covering you if you move out. Get instant car insurance quotes here with us so you will be aware of the cost of insurance when you move out of your parent's house, click here.

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