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How Long Can Dependent Child Remain On Group Health Insurance In Florida?

how long can you stay on parents health insurance

If you have an older child, you might be starting to worry about his insurance benefits. Because insurance regulations for dependents vary from state to state, it can be confusing to determine how long your child will be eligible for coverage. Your child might need to meet several requirements in order to stay on your group plan. Merely meeting an age limit is not enough.

Group Health Insurance for Older Dependent Children

In the state of Florida, dependent children can stay on their parent’s group insurance plan until they are thirty years old. This does not mean that all children under thirty are eligible. In order to keep them on your plan, you must prove that they meet certain conditions. Up to the age of 25, your child needs to either live under your roof or be enrolled full-time in school. You

may be asked to provide tax documents or verification from a university. After you verify your child’s school status or residence, he will be allowed to stay on your plan. You may need to periodically resubmit paperwork proving your child still resides with you or still attends school.

Insurance for Dependent Children in Florida after College Graduation

In many states, once your child graduates from college they are no longer eligible to be covered on your insurance. In Florida your child can stay on your plan for a few more years. As long as your dependent child is unmarried and has no children, he is eligible to stay on your group plan until the age of 30. Again, you may need to submit documentation. Fortunately for Florida residents, you can keep your dependent child on your plan for a long time.

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