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How Long Do Accidents Affect Insurance – Low Cost Insurance

how long do accidents affect insurance

Article by Randolph Summitt

It is true that making several claims in a short period of time to your insurance company will have an impact on your insurance rates. In fact, even one accident can do it, especially if there have been personal injuries. So how long do accidents affect insurance? The basic answer would be five years. However, depending on the area you live in, i. E. The state you live in, it can even be three years.

How much an insurance claim will increase your rates remains to be seen. They are all individual cases, and they differ from one insurance company to another. It all depends on the their underwriting guidelines.

But even if you have had claims you can still find low cost insurance. It may be in your best benefit take your business elsewhere. For example, you can try searching for other insurance companies, online. This would probably be the fastest way to get different quotes from different insurers.

All that would be required would be to enter

a search term that specifies exactly what you are looking for. From there, a list of various websites would populate. Then, you just have to choose from the individual websites of each insurer or find a website that already has many insurers listed. For instance, you might find one dedicated website to low-cost insurance, or one for top rated insurance companies.

Then all that is needed is to start entering some information on the application form. You will receive your quotes within moments of submission. Doing so with various insurers will give you the power to comparison shop as you will have different quotes from different companies. There is probably no better time spent than anyone searching for online quotes, as you can be benefiting soon from much lower premiums. So, with that said, take a few minutes out of your day to start doing your homework.

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