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How long do repairs take after a car accident?

how long do car insurance claims take

You were just sitting at a red light when all of a sudden you were hit from behind, yep a rear-end collision, and now you need your car repaired so you can get on with your life. You need your car so you can get back and forth to work and get your kids to school, so how long does it take for your car to be repaired after a car accident?

The length of time it will take for your vehicle to be repaired will largely depend upon the amount of damage that has occurred to your vehicle. There are factors such as how quickly the insurance company acts to inspect the car's damage or okay the repair shop that estimated the damages to start the repair work and the actual extent of the damages.

A minor accident in a parking lot or a low speed rear end collision will likely take a week or less to repair. If instead it was a high impact rear end collision where the back of the car was pushed forward or another type of high speed accident and especially high speed accidents that cause extensive damage, the repairs may take weeks or even months if getting the proper parts is a problem.

A car can be repaired if the cost of repairs does not go over the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Every company has their own car insurance calculators to help them determine whether a car is a "total loss." If a car is totaled out then the owner would receive actual cash value as a settlement for the vehicle instead of getting the vehicle repaired.

An insurance company can give you a specific answer as to how long your car's repairs will take once the car has found to be repairable and the body shop involved has completed an estimate of repair. An estimate should include how much parts will cost and the amount of labor required to fix the car.

There are, of course, a lot of variables to how long it will take to repair a vehicle after an accident. In some cases there will be an estimate of how long the repair will take but then it takes longer due to waiting for parts, there is more damage that is found during the repair process, etc.

While there is no specific set time it takes for repairs to occur, such as bumper damage only takes a day, etc. below is a guide or rule of thumb for how long repairs in average take:

  • $1,000 worth of damage normally takes three to five days,
  • $2,000 to

    $4,000 worth of damage usually takes a repair shop five to 10 working days,

  • $5,000 and above worth of damage done to a vehicle normally means the car will be at the repair shop 14 or more working days.

Additionally, the type of parts required and the kind of vehicle that is involved in the repair has a part to play in the period of time the repairs will take. If you have an exotic foreign sports car it could take extra time to obtain the parts if they are not locally stocked.

The above information is based upon the time after your car has been seen by the adjuster and is ready for repair. Other factors involved are the length of time it takes for your insurance company, or the other party's insurance company adjuster to come to your vehicle and give their estimate for repairs.

As mentioned earlier keep in mind there are variables that can affect the length of time the repairs will take even if the mechanic has given you a rough estimate. There are factors such as how busy a repair shop is, how much repair work they have on their lot waiting to be repaired when your car arrives, the time it takes for parts to arrive if ordered, etc. Keep in touch with the repair shop to see how the work is progressing and if they think there will be a delay.

If there is a long delay on starting work on your vehicle then you may want to contact your insurance claims adjuster to see if there is the option to change garages and have a body shop work on the vehicle who will be able to fix the car in a reasonable amount of time.

When you are getting your car repaired after an accident select an auto body repair shop that you are comfortable with. We recommend you choose a quality repair shop; one which has professional certifications. If you do not know of any repair shops you would want to use to fix your vehicle then try obtaining recommendations from friends, family and even your insurance claims adjuster.

A quality repair shop will work hard to ensure all repairs are done properly, that your vehicle is delivered on time, and that you are kept well informed of their progress by phone or email.

Most insurance companies and adjusters know through their time and experience which shops are doing good, quality and professional repairs for reasonable industry prices. A shop that has a written guarantee for repairs is a good indicator as well as to the quality of the work the shop does.

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