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How long does a scuba certification last

how long does a scuba certification last

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All of the major equipment for the class is provided at no charge. You will be fitted with a wetsuit for both the pool and for open water. The wetsuit will insure both your comfort and assist in your buoyancy training. You will also be provided a buoyancy vest, a regulator and scuba cylinder.

The items that you will need to provide are your mask, snorkel, boots, fins and weights. We have this equipment for sale at special prices for students and we also have it for rent. When you come in to complete your registration and paperwork prior to class we will review the equipment for you. We will also speak with you individually to determine when and where you plan to dive. We will then make

suggestions on what would be appropriate for you and whether you should purchase or rent. We do not want you to buy anything that you would not use after the class. When it comes to Scuba Diving - we are your best friends!

There are four dives for the Open Water Certification. While all of the dives are fun, the first dive is strictly a "fun dive." You are taken on tour by your Instructor so that you can see what scuba diving really is. The next three dives will start with a few of the basic skills that you learned in the swimming pool. You will not be asked to do anything that you have not done before. After completing the few skills you will again go on a "fun tour" of the dive site, being accompanied by a member of our highly trained professional staff.

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