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How long does ace certification last

how long does ace certification last

Time to take the practice test

Now I felt more ready to tackle the practice test. I used the test as a study material as well, taking the test a few times

even though I knew the answer from seeing it before. Nevertheless, it's funny how sometimes knowing the answer

before still doesn't help! There is a written simulation test as well. This definitely helps in answering the simulation

questions that you will get on the test. I also tried out my online test at this time. My first time around I passed it but

still missed quite a few questions. The great thing about it is that it gives you an explanation of all the answers along

with why all the other options are wrong. Very helpful and well worth the $29. I also took this test a few more times.

3 weeks to go

I had already digested all of the material but still had 3 weeks left to take the actual exam. I am glad I gave myself this

extra time. If there were days that I was just too tired to study I could now take a break, knowing that most of the

pressure of learning all this material was off of me. Now that I was not in such a rush to learn all the material so fast, I

could relax a little and study it again in less time. I went through the book one more time, noting all my highlighted

material, reading my definitions, and going through my answers in the study guide. It took about half the time now to

do this as before, because I understood the material so well. Each time I went through the book the material made

more and more sense. Things that seemed so overwhelming before suddenly clicked!

Special Attention to Formulas

There are several formulas that you should study for the ACE Personal Training Certification exam. They include

Karvonen formula, BMI index, calculating body fat percentage and desired weight change, calculating fat calories and

carb calories from a food listing, calculating 1RM and amount of reps, etc. With my extra time I could now go over

these formulas. During the last week before my test date, I went over them every day. I wanted to know them to the

point that they were automatic. You cannot bring in a calculator to the exam so you should get

reacquainted with your

manual multiplication and division skills by practicing them on paper.

Other Resources

The website,, has a discussion board and one of the categories is "ACE exam candidates". I got alot of

remember the questions and post them. The problem with this is that the exam does not stay the same. The exam I

took had hardly any of the same questions as one of the posters on the board. Still it does help to know those

questions and learn the answers.

Time to Relax!

I found that during the last week, relaxing and not studying day in and day out was more beneficial than cramming

like crazy. It gave my brain some time to assimilate all the information and definitely took some of the stress away. I

still studied and reviewed all the material a few more times but just not every day and all day long.

In Summary - My Tips for taking the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam

    Start with Chapter 4 (then do chapters 1, 2 and 3 last the first time around)

Highlight notable facts

Answer questions in study guide after reading the corresponding chapter

After finishing the whole book, go back a second time and define the words listed in the study guide's chapter

heading page

Use the glossary in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual to help you with the definitions as well as reading

through the book again

Do the practice tests that come with the manual (including the simulation problems) and do them a few times


Order the additional online practice test and print out all the answers after taking the test (which includes all

the explanations)

Go through the entire book a third time, this time reading your definitions, your highlighted facts and going

over the questions and answers in the study guide

Write out major formulas and practice them, multiplying and dividing using paper and pen

Read the discussion board for ACE Exam candidates on acefitness. org

Use the last week to relax your mind and review major points, facts and formulas

When taking the test, read the questions carefully, reading each option and eliminating the 2 obvious wrong


Take educated guesses on the ones you absolutely don't know

Visualize seeing on your computer screen the words: "Congratulations, you passed!"

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