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Teaching Certification Question? How long does your certification last?

how long does itil certification last

Question: I was certified in Elementary Education back in 1995 in Pennsylvania. What do I need to do to go back into teaching? Is it a matter of taking the NTE's again? I subbed for six months before getting a full-time job in another career back in 1996. I've got the teaching bug again and want to know what to expect to re-enter the field.



Pennsylvania has had a rule change since 1995, and your certification may be "inactive". Log on to the PDE (PA Department of Education) website and type in your social security number to check your status. (Go to the Teaching tab and choose Act 48 status) If your certificate is inactive, you might have to show proof of 180 clock hours of training (or 2 graduate courses) within a certain period of time after you start teaching. You probably won't have to take

the NTE's again, as long as you have your original score report. but I'm not certain of that.

If you start with substituting, some districts will provide opportunities for you to get the training for free through summer workshops and in-service days. (Well, you won't have to pay for it, but they probably won't pay you either.)

A lot has changed since No Child Left Behind took effect. At the PDE website, you can also find links to state standards and the newer "Assessment Anchors" that tell what is tested at each grade level. It might also be worth it to take a course at a local college. Learning about guided reading and/or differentiated instruction would help to get you updated.

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