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Is My Building's LEED Certification Going to Expire?

how long does leed certification last


Jim asks: Is LEED certification for construction companies or for each individual construction project? Is there any type of “expiration date” associated with a LEED certification? Thanks!



Thank you for your question. LEED certification can be performed on a single building project, multiple buildings within the same project, or for qualified prototype buildings. LEED projects utilize the Green Building Certification Institute’s LEED Online website, in order to organize all credits and project team assignments. This makes coordination less complicated between the construction company, architect, and others associate with the project.

Within a construction company, individuals may choose to become LEED accredited, which will give them a greater understanding of the LEED process. Not to mention it will add one point to any LEED projects of which they are a member of the project team. Information on how to become a LEED AP (Accredited Professional) is located on this website. There is no formal process for an entire company to become certified, only

individuals within the company.

As for your second question, there is no expiration date per say. A project must first be registered with the GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) under the current rating system version. It may remain registered for as long as necessary in order to undergo the certification process. However, LEED is updated every few years and new versions are then created. If a project is registered during a time in which a new LEED version is released, it must either become certified within a given window of time or roll over into the new version. If it is not, it will be required to register the project again.

Once certified, if it is under the newest LEED rating system of 2009 v3, projects are now required to undergo a period of 5 years of continued performance testing. This is to ensure that the certified building is actually performing according to LEED standards. If the building does not perform to these standards, certification may be revoked.

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