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how long does pals certification last

What is PALS?

PALS is an acronym for Pediatric Advanced Life Support, is the training and knowledge required to develop the skills involved in managing critically ill infants and children. PALS training is used during both stabilization and transportation. There are both online and offline PALS courses currently available.

Do I receive an PALS certification card if I complete your course?

Yes, you will be sent a digital PALS certification or recertification card as soon as you pass the final PALS exam. Your card will show your name, the date that you passed the exam, the name of our instructor, and the date your certification expires.

Can I use your course for first time PALS certification?

Yes, you may use our course for initial PALS certification. However, it is recommended that you check with your employer to see whether or not you require a clinical skills test for your job duties. If you require a clinical skills test, we will provide you with documentation and information on how to complete your clinical skills test locally.

Can I recertify with your course?

Yes, our online PALS course can be used for PALS recertification. We include a complete PALS study guide with your recertification course so that you can review any topics that you would like before taking the final PALS exam. We also offer unlimited unique PALS pretests to help you prepare for the PALS recertification exam.

Is there an expedited shipping option available?

Yes, we provide priority shipping for your PALS hard copy card if you require it. Although standard shipping is included for free, priority shipping is an additional charge. Your PALS course purchase comes with free standard shipping for your hard copy card, and it also comes with a free digital PALS card that will arrive to your email address instantly after passing the exam.

How long does my card take to arrive?

Your card will arrive to your shipping address in 7-10 business days. Please allow more time for international shipping.

How long will my PALS certification remain active?

Your PALS certification will stay active for exactly 2 years from the date that you pass the PALS exam.

Do you offer continuing education hours for completing this course?

Yes, we offer

CME/CEH for our PALS courses. You will receive 8 CME/CEH for completing our PALS certification course and 4 CME/CEH for completing our PALS recertification course. Our PALS course is accredited by the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education. Their email is

When do I see my exam results?

Your exam will be instantly graded and you will see all of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

Does the exam have a time limit?

We do not have a time limit on the PALS exam. You are free to spend as much time as you want on the exam. Our exam can also be printed for your convenience, and you may enter your answers on the online exam at a later time.

Do you offer retakes if I don't pass?

Yes, we provide you with unlimited free retakes if you are unable to pass on your initial attempt. You will be shown which questions you missed so that you may go back and study the appropriate sections of the study guide.

When do I receive my provider manual?

You will be given access to your provider manual as soon as you sign up. Our provider manual is 100% online and can be printed from your home computer if you wish.

We offer a complete PALS provider manual and unlimited unique pretests to help you prepare for the PALS exam. Unlike other courses, we do not have any extra purchases or hidden costs. Your course purchase comes with everything you need to become PALS certified or recertified.

Do you require a clinical skills test?

No clinical skills test is required, and our PALS certification and recertification courses are 100% online. However, if your employer requires you to have a clinical skills test, you may still use our course for the cognitive portion of the PALS exam, and you can complete your clinical skills test locally. We will provide you with instructions on how to do this.

Are you accredited?

Yes, we are fully accredited and approved for PALS training by the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education. The Board reviews and approves training organizations based on their accuracy and quality. We offer you 8 CEH for PALS certification and 4 CEH for PALS recertification.

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