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How long does the labor certification process take

how long does the labor certification process take

Labor process through PERM can take anywhere from 3 weeks to more than a year (after filing). Most time consuming part is (if you are just initaing the process with your employer) the pre-filing documentation.

If you have a masters or better, and your current job does not REQUIRE a Masters degree, then you might want to ask HR to change/tweak your job profile. If thats an option and they are willing to do it, might take some time, but in the longer run, you will be better off under EB2 than EB3.

You will need letters from all your previous employers, verifying the job discription

Once that is in hand, your company will have to post your job in a newspaper/internal company website/job board and also in a visible place in your company premises for a month (X + 30 days)

After that 30 day period, you wait for any responses for an addidtional 30 days

(X+60 days)

After that, your company/HR/Lawyer would need some time to put everything together before filing (X + 70 days)

Bear in mind this is the best case scenario. I started the process in December mid. filed for Labor in 1st week of June.

On your second point (dates being current), Iam very doubtfull that by the time Iam ready to file for 140/485, the dates will be current.

And ofcourse, if this ain't too daunting, THE CIR might put a wrench in your best laid plans, There is a talk about May 15th being the deadline for this process, untill Oct-08 when the new point system comes into play. good luck


06-17-2007, 05:16 PM

Hello Leo,

I am not a lawyer so don't take my word. but this is what I have heard.

Labour thru PERM takes 45 to 60 days (considering company has to publish ad and stuff).

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