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How long is a cpr certification good for

how long is a cpr certification good for

Q: How do I get trained in CPR?

A: HealthSav™ can work with you to develop a program to get you and your employees trained in the CPR course best suited for your needs. For instance, we would not recommend you take the 6 hour Professional course if you work in a restaurant. There are several options available.

Q: If I am trained in CPR can I be held libel if something goes wrong or if I just decide not to help someone?

A: No. The Good Samaritan Laws protect any bystander who attempts to help a victim by performing CPR. There is no legal obligation or any legal recourse that could be taken against you. Early CPR is the best way to save a person who suffers sudden cardiac arrest. If CPR is not started in the first 3 minutes of SCA EMS will often arrive too late to be able to save the victim.

Q: What do I learn in a CPR class?

A: All of the classes taught by HealthSav™ use the American Heart Association's (AHA) protocols and training materials. All classes (except for Adult only) teach adult, child and infant CPR and how to handle choking situations in adults, children and infants. The BLS Healthcare Provider Course (BLSHCP) and the Heartsaver AED course give full training in the use of an external automated defibrillator (AED). The Family & Friends Course will discuss the AED but students will not get hands on training.

Q: How long is my certification good for?

A: The classes taught at HealthSav™ are

under the American Heart Association. The Healthcare Provider (BLSHCP) and the Heartsaver AED offer a course completion card which will certify you for two years from the date of the class. Many professionals and non professionals take the class every year but the only requirement to maintain one's certification is to take the class again just prior to the expiration date.

Q: Do I need to have an AED at my business?

A: There are no legal requirements at this time for maintaining an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at most businesses. However, any health club with a membership of 500 or more is required to have at least 1 AED on site and shall have in attendance, at all times during business hours,at least one individual performing employment or individual acting as an authorized volunteer who holds a valid certification of completion of a course in the study of the operation of AEDs and a valid certification of the completion of a course in the training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation provided by a nationally recognized organization or association.

HealthSav™ is a big proponent of Public Access Defibrillation and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Early defibrillation is the most important element in helping someone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest. HealthSav™ can easily set your business up with an affordable device and will take care of all the registration and training requirements. In 2010 the NYS legislature passed and the Governor signed a new AED Good Samaritan law that virtually removes all libility from any business or entity that pwns an AED. Anyone using it is covered under the Good Samaritan laws.

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