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Pet insurance frequently asked questions

how can i get pet insurance

Why should I get pet insurance?

Whether it’s for a general check-up at the vet or for something more serious, Medibank Pet Insurance can help provide financial assistance with many treatment costs. It’ll not only help with the burden of expensive vet fees, it’ll help you provide your dog or cat with the best care when they need it most. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your best friend, and your back pocket, are covered.

It’s important that you read the Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) before you make a decision to buy or continue to hold this product. The Combined PDS and FSG contains details of the features of Medibank Pet Insurance. you can get a copy by calling 134 190. Remember, this information is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You also need to be aware that certain limits and exclusions apply.

How does Medibank Pet Insurance differ from Medibank Private Health Insurance?

Medibank Pet Insurance is general insurance issued by the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ACN 090 584 473; AFSL 241436) (Hollard), is promoted by Medibank Private Limited (ACN 080 890 259; AR 286089) (Medibank) and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd (ACN 075 949 923; AFSL 420183) (PetSure).

If you have Medibank Private Health Insurance, this will be set up as a continuous membership of Medibank Private as long as you pay your premiums. In contrast, Medibank Pet Insurance is general insurance issued by the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd. This policy is issued for a fixed contract term (12 months in the case of Medibank Pet Insurance ).

Prior to the expiry of each contract term, you will receive a renewal notice, in which a new offer of insurance is made. You can renew the policy for the life of your pet as long as you continuously maintain your policy and pay the premiums when due.

How is my premium calculated?

For dogs, your premium is calculated on the basis of your pet’s age and breed. There are a number of reasons why some breeds cost more than others, such as genetic pre-disposition, activity levels, even the size of the dog.

For cats, your premium is calculated on the basis of your pet’s age only.

Do I have to provide full medical records to take out pet insurance?

No, you are not required to submit veterinary records when you apply for Medibank Pet Insurance. However, you are required

to provide a brief history of illnesses and injury your pet may have had before you applied for the policy. This information is very important and is part of your legal duty of disclosure when you make an application for insurance cover.

Can all pets be insured?

Medibank Pet Insurance only covers dogs and cats at this stage. Animals that are used for commercial purposes (for example, working dogs on rural properties) or for breeds that have been listed by your State or Territory as dangerous, prohibited or restricted are not covered.

You can start your pet’s cover from 8 weeks of age and before its 9th birthday on Silver Paw and Gold Paw Cover options. There is no upper age limit on Bronze Paw Cover, so any dog or cat can be insured, no matter how old.

Cover is available for the life of your pet. This means once your pet is insured with Medibank Pet Insurance you have the right to renew your policy for that pet for life and your cover level will not be reduced as your pet ages, provided you continuously maintain the cover and pay premiums when due.

In addition, your policy will not be cancelled on the basis of your pet's age. But you may wish to consider joining while your pet is young before they develop any conditions that may be considered pre-existing (and therefore excluded from cover) prior to the start of the policy.

I'm a Medibank Private member, do I get any additional benefits?

Yes, you will receive a 10% discount off the insurer’s Medibank Pet Insurance rates for non-members.

Is life insurance offered for my pet?

No, the purpose of Medibank Pet Insurance is to assist pet owners in being able to afford the very best veterinary treatment for their pet. Mortality insurance, life insurance or liability insurance are not offered.

What if I have more than one pet?

Each pet has its own policy with its own individual choice of cover and excess option. If you insure more than one pet, a multi-pet discount of 5% will apply to each additional pet.

What happens if I don’t know my pet's age?

This is a common problem, especially if you have adopted a pet. That’s why, if you don’t know, providing your honest 'best guess' is fine. However, if you truly have no idea, ask your vet who should be able to estimate your pet's age based on an examination of certain physical characteristics.

How can I pay my premiums?

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