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How Long Does It Take to Get Your CNA License?

how long to get cna certification

Certified nursing assistants or (CNAs) perform simple roles like taking patient’s vital readings like blood pressure and pulse, know how to operate medical equipments during emergencies, helping a patient use the bathroom, help a patient dress and perform regular activities. The certified nursing assistant mostly works under the direct supervision of a licensed practical nurse and registered nurse.

Most of the states in the country have their own set of rules and guidelines to become a certified nursing assistant. Federal laws require those applying as a certified nursing assistant to perform at least 100 hours of classroom and practical training. A certified nursing assistant can usually find employment in a nursing home, hospital or even a healthcare setting.

A certified nurse assistant is an entry level position in the healthcare industry, which is the ideal method to enter into the healthcare sector. It helps you prepare to become a registered nurse (RN). If you have recently appeared for your CNA certification exam and are still waiting for your results, then you might want to read the following.

Sometimes these things happen and leave you pondering, how long does it take to get your CNA license .

The best method for that would be to contact your states nursing board who is in charge for certifying you. You can directly contact them or email them through their website. Almost all the states have their own nursing boards with websites. Since this is a

sensitive subject, it would be better if you directly met the appropriate people and explain them your situation.

Usually these kinds of situations don’t occur, but if at all if it occurs you must make sure to contact the proper authorities. You need to know that without your CNA license, you won’t be able to work in your state or be able to practice privately.

Now, let use see how you can get your CNA license. The first step would be to enroll yourself in a community college or school and complete at least 100 hours or the required amount of time in classroom training and practical training.

You can do your CNA certification course through hospitals, private health companies or community based organizations. You can also do your CNA certification course through accelerated CNA training course. The certification course usually takes few weeks for you to complete.

Once you complete your CNA certification program, you will have to take a CNA certification exam and clear it with excellent marks to get your CNA license. As you can see it is quite a simple process to get your CNA license. Hope you understood how long does it take to get your CNA license from this write up.

Remember to always have a cheerful face while dealing with patients and your superiors alike. Like mentioned above this is a very stressful field, where one will always have to maintain their composure.

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