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how can i obtain a copy of my birth certificate

how do i obtain a copy of my birth certificate etc.?

You can apply for above mentioned certificates by sending a letter or fax with a copy of a valid ID to:

There are several options:

  1. For an extract of the population register (akte van de burgerlijke stand) you can submit your your request with a copy of your valid ID, your BSN, surname of your father and mother, current address and the purpose of your request  to:

Attn. Gegevensverstrekking

3000 KR Rotterdam

How long will it take to process my request?

Via internet: 5 working days

By mail: 10 working days

At the desk: 5 working days

Request to send the certificate abroad: 10 working days

Cost for the copy is € 12,10 excl. mailing costs (€ 0,85 for Europe and € 0,95 outside Europe). You will receive an invoice which you can pay by internet banking. For information about the status of your

request, please send an e-mail to

Please mention your "Betalingskenmerk", which you can find on the invoice, or indicate your name, as addressed on the invoice.

3. It is also possible to apply for the the extract of the population register (akte van de burgerlijke stand) via internet. but the site is in Dutch only.

4. If you live abroad, you can use this application form (Dutch only)

Next to these possibilities, you can also obtain a copy at one of the secretariats (= Stadswinkels) of the districts in Rotterdam or at the Town Hall of the municipality where you live.

Extract municipal records database (uittreksel BRP)

This is not the same document as the extract from the population register, but only a proof of registration. This extract is available in Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.


Via internet: € 5,90

By mail: € 8,90 + mailing costs

At any Stadswinkel: € 11,90

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