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How to Become an Actuary

how many exams to become an actuary


by Silas Reed

Finding employment once you graduate from a university can be somewhat difficult because many university programs are somewhat broad in scope. Some people want to work from home once they graduate, while others go after more traditional careers. In the end, people should find something that will allow them to enjoy the lifestyle that they wish to enjoy, which is something that most actuaries are able to accomplish.

A career as an actuary is possible without years of graduate school and most of these individuals make very good money. This career is also expanding very rapidly, so there is plenty of room for growth. The first thing that you must do for this employment opportunity is get a degree. There are many different degrees that you can use to achieve this career, but courses in calculus, statistics, economics, and the basics of business are probably the best ways to go. These courses will given students the chance to pass the tests that they will need to get certified in the future, as the tests that be taken are very difficult.

Once you have your degree, you can begin looking at the exams that must be taken in order to gain employment in this industry. There are study materials that are available online that will give you insight into these exams. Remember that it will take a great deal of commitment to have this material mastered, which is why this is a one of the most challenging careers out there. Once you have your study guide, however, you will definitely have an advantage over other people who are taking the exams.

Once you receive your study guides, you will want to study as much as possible. The majority of people who take these exams study for over 300 hours beforehand because these people realize exactly how challenging the tests are. There have been many cases of mathematics students with 4.0 GPA’s who have failed these exams because they were not dedicated enough and did not believe that they had to study. Therefore, it is important to work from home before the exams in order to prepare yourself for anything that should come your way.

Once you

feel you are ready, you can register to take the exam and begin your final preparations. This will be your final step before gaining meaningful employment, as passing this exam is the absolute most important part of becoming an actuary. Make sure that your passing grade is posted on every resume that you hand out. It is even possible to take this exam before graduating from a university, as it will open up internship opportunities for you if you pass. Either way, this is something that must be done for your employment future, as everyone has to get started by taking this first exam and jumping head first into this industry.

In order to actually get a job, you will want to send your resume into as many employers as you can find. There are a number of different companies that will hire actuary’s right out of university because the need for these skilled workers is expanding very rapidly. There are a number of different careers that you can get involved with, although most of them are in the insurance industry. There are also directories of possible employers that you can find online, which will help you to get into contact with these companies.

Remember that you will have to pass more exams in order to become completely certified, but you can still gain employment right away. Make sure that you let potential employers know that you are already preparing for the second exam, so that they will not have to wait on you becoming completely certified. Start to work from home immediately on preparing for the second exam because the sooner you are certified, the more money you will make right away. This industry is becoming more and more popular among recent graduates because there is a high demand, good wages, and a relatively short time at school is required. With so many different careers out there, it makes sense to at least look at gaining employment as an actuary while there are still so many jobs available.

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