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how many people buy insurance online's Online Insurance Marketplace™ gives consumers the opportunity to shop and compare insurance companies online or through our sales center. We offer the ability to shop for car insurance online and the ability to purchase your policy directly through will meet the consumers’ requests and solve insurance companies' needs. Consumers can receive quotes from many insurance companies; you are able to purchase your insurance instantly, online. You do not have to drive your car to buy car insurance. Buy online. anytime!

Who We Are's founders were in the auto insurance agency business as independent agents for many years, and worked to help consumers find better rates and more insurance information. The founders’ independent agency group annually wrote over $120,000,000 in auto insurance premium and over 110,000 policies a year inside their brick and mortar agencies. was formed as a logical progression of its retail agency business. We are licensed in all states and we offer insurance products on behalf of our clients nationwide. By saving money using online technologies, we work to pass that savings on to consumers. We show consumers the different insurance options that are available. Other online insurance companies show consumers the rates of other companies for marketing purposes, but if you want to purchase that rate, you have to go through the process of getting a quote over again.'s goal is to allow you to see the rates of many companies and purchase it with one process shopping. We even work with companies to allow you to buy your policy online in 20 minutes or less. In addition to getting auto insurance quotes, we provide online resources that help you make better decisions and find better rates.

The founders sold their brick and mortar insurance agencies in 2003, and since then has been a full service online car insurance portal providing extensive insurance information, comparative quotes and bindable policies. We currently have relationships in all 50 states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We will continue to add more carriers in each state, add more insurance products, and improve

our services to help you save your time and money. News Room

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Visit our insurance licensing and legal section and our Terms of Service to learn more about our licenses, your obligations, and other information.

Helping our Customers

We want our customers to be informed before they buy. Throughout our quoting and policy process, we inform the customers of options to help them save money on car insurance and the information to help protect them. Even if you are not our customer, we want to educate you about insurance. Our site offers an extensive resource of information about car insurance.

We offer:

  • A free, informative questions and answers section. Ask a question and get free car insurance answers from our professionals.
  • A glossary and pages of frequently asked questions to help you understand auto insurance.
  • Auto insurance articles that teach you how to save on car insurance and more importantly, how to be insured and covered by the policy you have or the policy you buy.
  • Free auto insurance quotes from leading nationwide companies. In many states, you can purchase a policy online and immediately print your insurance identification cards. In some states, we offer leading insurance companies for you to select a quote.

Information for Insurance Carriers's Online Insurance Marketplace™ enables customers to shop online or through our call center for car insurance. We help insurance companies achieve a competitive advantage by bringing those Internet customers. With, insurers now have an Internet Distribution System without the burden of added research and development expense. With our marketing and insurance experience, we have created different models to fit insurer's needs. We recognize that each company has different needs in relationship to their distribution models. Visit our Company Solutions section to learn more and join our team.

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