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Should You Raise Your Minimum Car Insurance Liability Limits?

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By Bobbie Sage. Personal Insurance Expert

Liability car insurance is one part of your car insurance policy. It is meant to protect you if you are found liable or responsible for something. Take for instance you damage someone's car in the parking lot when opening your door. Your car liability insurance will cover the damage to their car.

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Say you get sued because of something you are found liable for while driving. Then your car liability insurance coverage will also cover your lawyer and court fees.

The legal minimum liability insurance limit to drive may not be the best coverage for everyone. For example, now that you know what liability car insurance is and how it works, lets say that you were sued for something you were liable for and you only obtained the minimum car

insurance required for your state. That means whatever liability limit you chose, that is the most amount that you will get to use for any damages you were liable for any legal defense you may need. Considering how much it costs to have a lawyer and to go through court, do you trust your minimum car insurance liability?

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What is the Best Amount of Car Liability Insurance for Me?

This obviously is a question that would need to be determined on an individual basis. It is best to work with a trusted insurance agent that understands your needs and budget. However, it is generally accepted among insurance agents that the state minimum policy limits are not enough. Most insurance professionals would agree for the average driver the best liability limits to have are 100/300/100. This means:

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