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How much do birth certificates cost

how much do birth certificates cost

Birth & Death Certificates Fees

Birth and death certificates cost $15 per copy. Certificates of miscarriages and still births also cost $15.

Processing fees vary depending on how you order the certificate and may include a search for 3 consecutive years. It costs $3 for each additional year searched.

  • Online: $8.30
  • In-person: $2.75 per order (see table below)
  • Mail order: No charge, unless extra search is required

If a certificate isn't found, the Bureau of Vital Records (BVR) will issue a "Record Not Found" statement and the customer will be charged $15 and

refunded the cost of any additional certificates ordered. If the customer returns the "Record Not Found" statement by mail or in person with the additional information requested within 3 months from the issue date, BVR will conduct an additional search at no cost.

If a death certificate is issued with the cause of death listed as "pending further study," BVR will waive the $15 fee for an updated certificate if you submit the original death certificate with a new application within 3 months of the medical examiner submitting the final cause of death. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determines the cause of death .

In-person Certificate Orders

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