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How much do microsoft certifications cost

how much do microsoft certifications cost


Becoming an Assessment Center

Q: What is an MSSC Assessment Center?

A: Assessment Centers are authorized testing locations for all of MSSC's credentials (CPT & CLT).

Q: How much does it cost to become an authorized assessment center?

A: The cost is $500 for non-industry, non-secondary only institutions. It is free to become an assessment center for secondary-only institutions. For statewide initiatives adding 10+ assessment centers the cost is $250 per center.

Q. Can instructors also be proctors?

A. No, according to ANSI/ISO Personnel Accreditation Standard 17024 there has to be a clear firewall between training and certification assessment.

Q: I'm with industry; can my company become an Assessment Center?

A: Yes, industry members can become assessment centers as long as they maintain the same strict guidelines as required of our other centers.

Q: Who provides your assessment services?

A: NOCTI – The National Occupational Competencies Testing Institute

Q: I am already a NOCTI-certified Secondary Testing Site, do I have to go through the proctor training and register to become a site with MSSC?

A: Yes, in order to administer an MSSC assessment, a site must register and attend proctor training (webinar-based).

Certification Assessments

Q: Where can I find an Assessment Center?

A: Please visit this interactive map of MSSC-Authorized Assessment Centers.

Q: What is your policy on retakes?

A: An individual must wait a full 15 days before retaking a failed assessment. After 3 failed attempts, the individaul must wait 60 days before taking the assessment again.

Q: Are your retakes free?

A: No each assessment, whether or not it is a retake, must be paid for.

Q. Do I have to register before I can take a assessment?

A. Yes, MSSC requires that each "Certificant" register and agree to the MSSC certification system requirements prior to taking assessments. Upon registering, you will be issued a unique MSSC ID number.

Q: Can I take an assessment, without having taken a prior course?

A: A course is not a prerequisite for testing. Anyone can take an MSSC assessment as long as it is administered by an authorized proctor from an MSSC-Authorized Assessment Center in a secure testing environment.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my certificate to arrive?

A: Certificate processing usually takes four to six weeks from the time you pass an assessment to the time you receive your certificate.

Q: I have taken and passed all four of my modular assessments for CPTAE. do I have to take a cumulative fifth assessment to receive my CPT AE ?

A: No, upon passing all four assessments, you automatically earn the full CPTAE. When you receive your fourth modular certificate, you will also receive your full CPT AE credential.

Recertification Policy

Q. Does the Recertification Policy apply equally to the Certified Production Technician (CPTAE ) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT AE ) Certifications?

A. Yes. To see the full recertification policy, view our Recertification Page.

Q. Does this change the credentialing of the modular assessment that individuals need to pass to secure those certifications?

A. No. Individuals will continue to:

  • Receive separate MSSC Certificates for the four modular assessments for CPT (Safety; Quality Practices & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes & Production; Maintenance Awareness) and two Modular Assessments for CLT (CLA; CLT)
  • Must succeed in all four CPT Modular Assessments to receive the full CPTAE Certification and succeed in both CLT Modular Assessments to receive the full CLTAE Certification.

Q. Will there be a recertification requirement for each of the Modules?

A. No. The recertification requirement applies only to the full CPTAE and full CLTAE Certifications.

Q. What is the purpose of the new recertification requirement?

A. To ensure that holders of full CPTAE and full CLTAE Certifications are maintaining skills with current industry best practices. This is a requirement of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17024 under which MSSC became accredited on January 4, 2012.

Q. Do CPTAE and CLT AE Certificants need to retake all of the assessments for each module to be recertified?

A. No. The recertification program is point-based. Candidates may earn points for continuing education and employment in manufacturing or logistics. Candidates can apply for recertification and submit points in their online MSSC account.

Q. When will the first recertification site be available?

A. Since the National Experts Panels began annual meetings in 2010 to review the standards, first recertifications will begin in 2015.

A. Individuals should begin the application process 90-days before their certification expires, to ensure they have time to gather the necessary information. The application must be submitted no later than the expiration date. Individuals whose certifications expire in 2015 or 2016 qualify for a minimum 90-day extension. To get an extension, login to your MSSC account 90 days before your certification expires, click the recertification tab and complete the questionnaire. If your certification expires before April 1, 2015, you must request an extension by March 31, 2015.

Q. What is the impact of this new policy on individuals that received their full CPT AE or CLT AE Certifications before October 1, 2011?

A. MSSC will not invalidate those certifications. However, those certifications do not bear the ANSI endorsement which is valued by employers. These candidates may still recertify following the same process as other candidates. If your certification was earned prior to October 1, 2011, you have until March 31, 2015 to apply for recertification.

A. Login to your MSSC account. and click the recertification tab at the top of the page. The tab only becomes available when it is 90 days until your certification expires.


Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes, we offer instructional material to well-established training institutions (high schools, community and technical colleges, company training centers, etc.). We offer blended courseware, which is both instructor-led and computer-based learning, along with e-learning solutions. You can learn more about our learning options by visiting our courses page.

Q. I am interested in setting up a CPT training class. Is the Glencoe McGraw-Hill textbook alone sufficient for training my students in the MSSC CPT program?

A. No, while the textbook is a great reference book, it does not address the fuller range of our "Basic Technical" skills in our Standards that need to be learned. That material is fully covered in our online curriculum.

Q: If I am an MSSC instructor can I also proctor assessments?

A: No, we are following ANSI/ISO Personnel Accreditation standards according to ISO Personnel Accreditation Standard No. 17024 which requires complete separation between training and certification activities.

Q: How can I offer training at my location?

A: In order to offer training, an institution must have at least one instructor attend Instructor Training or purchase an Instructor's Package. If you have 6 or more instructors to be trained we will send a master trainer to your place of business. For more information on our instructor training options, or to register for training see our Instructor Training pages for CPT and CLT.

Q: What are the requirements of your instructor training class?

A: As long as there are four or more registrants for each class, we will host Instructor Training monthly. If this criterion is not met, that month’s class will be canceled. We will give 2 weeks’ notice for any cancellations. Thus, individuals should not make travel arrangements until they have confirmed a class has not been cancelled.

Q: I am an instructor, but I can't travel at this time. Can you come to me?

A: If you have 6 or more instructors being trained, MSSC will send a master trainer to your location at no extra charge.

Q: Are the cost of the assessments included in your instructor training courses?

A: The cost of registration is covered

for both CPT and CLT instructors who attend the training class. CPT also includes the cost of the Safety assessment. CLT includes the cost of both the CLA and CLT assessments.

Candidate Handbooks

Q: What is a Candidate Handbook?

A: MSSC has a Candidate and Certificant Handbook for both of its certification programs (CPT and CLT). The Handbook provides an overview of the certification and information about the assessments including: number of questions, time limits, sample questions, standards and ADA compliance.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the Candidate Handbook?

A: The Handbooks are available online. Go to and go to the Certification tab on the menu. Click Candidate Handbooks. Individuals are also able to access the handbook on the homepage (after login) of the website.

Q: Who should read the Handbook?

A: Anyone who wishes to participate in MSSC’s certification programs is required to review the Handbook and agree to its terms and conditions prior to registering with MSSC and taking an assessment.

Q: When should Candidates review the Handbook?

A: Since individuals are required to acknowledge receipt and agree to the terms of the Handbook upon registration with MSSC, candidates should download and review the Handbook, prior to their scheduled assessment day. For organizations which offer training prior to assessments, we recommend that the instructors provide students with the Handbook and have them register online as part of their training.

Candidate Registration

Q: Where do I register online?

Q: How do I know if I am already registered with MSSC?

A: If you have taken any MSSC assessment in the past you have been registered and have an MSSC ID.

Q: If I am already registered with MSSC and have an ID, do I need to register online?

A: Yes. You can input your ID and last name and set up your account.

Q: What if I have already registered with MSSC but do not remember my MSSC ID?

A: Contact MSSC directly to retrieve your MSSC ID. You may call 703-739-9000 or e-mail a request to Please include your first and last name and the date you tested.

Q: If I am already registered with MSSC, why should I register again online?

A: The online registration gives you access to your account with MSSC and will allow you to retrieve information about the assessments you have taken and certifications you have earned.

Q: If I have already paid to register with MSSC, do I have to pay again to register online?

A: No. However, there is a separate registration fee for CPT and CLT.

Q: Do I need to register for each assessment?

A: No. You only need to register one time for each certification program (i.e. once for CPT and once for CLT).

Q: Can an instructor or site coordinator complete the online registration for their students/employees?

A: No. Individuals must complete their own registration. In addition to agreeing to MSSC’s terms and conditions, individuals are responsible for providing the correct spelling of their names for certificate printing.

Q: Why do I have to provide my email address when I register?

A: Due to ANSI/ISO requirements, MSSC must maintain contact with individuals who earn our certifications, so we can notify you of any changes to the certification including renewal requirements. MSSC will not share or sell your information to anyone without your authorization. If you do not wish to provide your address, you can create a new email at Google, Yahoo or another free internet service when registering.

Q: What if my students do not have access to the internet to register online?

A: Please continue to submit the candidate information sheet to MSSC will manually process MSSC IDs for your students.

Q: Since candidates are now registering themselves, is the site still responsible for reprint fees if a name is spelled incorrectly?

A: This is up to the site. The site may request the reprint, pay for it and collect the fee from the individual, or the site may require the individual contact MSSC directly to request a reprint at the individual’s expense.

Q: If my organization uses paper/pencil assessments, do individuals still need to register online?

A: No. Candidates using paper/pencil assessments must still use the candidate information sheet and email it to

Employer Verification

Q: What is employer verification?

A: The verification website is for employers or educators and can be used to look up which certificates an individual has earned.

Q: How does the employer verification site work?

A: An individual can provide their MSSC ID and their last name to an employer or other individual. The employer can input that information into the website and see the certificates the person has earned. NOTE: The only information provide through this verification system will be: individual’s name, MSSC ID, city and state where the assessments were taken, assessments passed and date of certification. The site does not show individual scores or assessments that were not passed.

Online Ordering

Q: If my organization is already an MSSC-authorized Assessment Center, do I still need to register online?

A: Yes. MSSC asks that all Assessment Centers register online and complete the full checklist. This is a one-time process and will allow you to place orders online.

Q: When I register online, it asks for payment information. I have already paid the $500 fee. Do I have to pay again when I register online?

A: No. If you are a current MSSC Assessment Center, you do not have to pay again to register online. Check the “Call Me” option in the payment field. You will not receive a call, but you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Q: What if my organization has more than one person responsible for placing orders (e.g. one person who orders courses and another person who orders assessments)?

A: You can set up multiple accounts online. Please make sure to use the same organization name and site code when you register. Under title, please specify your role (e.g. site coordinator, course administrator, assessment ordering, etc.).

Q: What if I have alternate sites?

A: There are two options. 1) If one central location is responsible for payment, register with your main site code. When you place orders, you will have the option to input your alternate site code(s). 2) If each alternate site is responsible for payment, you can register them individually.

Q: Can I order assessments and courses at the same time?

A: Yes. Order one type of item first, assessments or courses. Then before checking out, click one of the tabs at the top to choose the other type of product.

Q: Does the online ordering process affect the way I retrieve assessments / test codes from NOCTI?

A: No. The online ordering systems only affects ordering and billing. Site coordinators still need to go to the online testing center to retrieve test codes.

Q: How much in advance do I need to place an order to ensure that I receive materials on time?

A: It depends on what you are ordering. The online shopping cart will allow you to order items for the next day. However, if you order outside the times listed below, MSSC cannot guarantee on-time delivery and/or you may incur additional fees (rush fees or additional shipping charges).

    Online Assessment Orders: 1 day Paper/Pencil Assessment Orders: 10 business days Courses: 3 business days Textbooks: 5-7 business days

Q: What if I don’t know the exact course start date or assessment date?

A: Use the earliest date that you think you may need the items. However, please remember that courses and assessments expire after 6 months.

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