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How much do x-rays cost?


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It will probably cost from $100-$1,000. What you pay is determined by multiple factors (the equipment, film, technician, facility fee, electricity, insurance, radiology reading fee, the number of people who do not pay their x-ray bills, etc. )

1) A dental x-ray may only cost $15.00-$20.00. This is because the dentist likely already owns the equipment, the cost of x-ray film is minimal, the area to be x-rayed is minimal, the liability insurance for reading a dental x-ray is minimal, the expertise involved in taking a dental x-ray is minimal, and he is very likely to be paid for the x-ray. So the cost is small.

2) On the other hand, an emergency room may charge much more for basic x-rays in proportion to the much larger

costs associated with providing this service--higher liability, higher facility costs, higher non-payment of bills.

3) Many independent (think "strip-mall," commercial, non-hospital owned) facilities charge around $50.00 for basic x-rays, but that does not include the radiologists fee to read the x-ray. It can be very difficult to find out how much the radiologists expertise will cost, as this is contracted and varies throughout the country, but it will usually be at least as much as the x-rays cost.

Here is a list of basic prices from an average primary care clinic that provides x-rays in Texas:

Abdomen series (3 views) $150

Ankle (3 views) $90

Cervical Spine, the NECK (3 views) $120

Chest (2 views) $100

Clavicle (the collar bone) $109

Elbow (usually at least 2 views) $90

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