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How Much Does Boat Insurance Cost

Geico Boat Insurance Policies

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With the boat, and a list of potential insurers, comes a world of questions.  One of those questions will undoubtedly be, how much does boat insurance cost?  This is largely dependent on the company you choose as they all have different boat insurance rates.  There are a few rules of thumbs that can give you a good estimate on whether you’ll be paying a higher or lower premium.

Insurance rates have gone up dramatically in recent years, along with most other expenses.  Where a few years ago annual coverage for a single motor, brand-new boat would be $680 per year, these days that boat insurance rate would probably be closer to $1000 yearly.  As different companies have different qualifications and coverage options there are no real set rules for a specific price range.

Take into account the type of policy you need.  There are two types, a Boat owner policy and a Yacht policy.  Boat owner policies are cheaper and usually lumped into an existing house or car policy.  They cover boats up to 26 feet and have unchangeable limits and coverage.  Yacht policies are for larger boats, they are more expensive but have custom limits and coverage.

Then there’s the style of your boat insurance rates, again there are two types.  Named Peril coverage covers damage only from a specified threat and thus is more affordable.  All risk coverage raises your premium but covers any accident that you could possibly have, with a few

exceptions that would be detailed in the policy.

There are many types of boat insurance, all with their own benefits and premium amounts.  You can choose between things like total loss of boat, hull damage, equipment damage, personal contents damage, wreck coverage, injuries, towing, among others.  You must consider which of these you need and which you can do without.  Do you need total loss coverage if you will be taking the boat out once a month?  Probably not, and it is those types of decisions that will influence your boat insurance rates.

As mentioned before, motor size and type will influence your premium as well.  An outboard motor may not be as fancy and convenient but it is considered safer by most boat insurance companies.  Onboard motors are more of a risk since everything is enclosed and a problem cannot be quickly detected.  On motor size, if the manufacturer states your motor will achieve speeds over 50 mph, expect an increase in your cost.

Believe it or not, your credit rating is also a factor.  Having a clean credit report and a high credit score will reflect well on you and can provide you with some discounts when it comes to choosing your boat insurance.  All of this information will be pertinent when it comes to getting your boat insurance quotes.  Quotes and actual rates can and probably will vary, but this knowledge will give you the best idea of what to expect.

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