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How much does long term care insurance cost

how much does long term care insurance cost

How Much Does Long Term Care Cost?

The cost of long term care varies greatly, depending on the type of care, the place provided, and the region where you receive your care.

For instance, the average hourly cost of home care ranges from $15 per hour in Montgomery, Alabama, to $24 per hour in Hartford, Connecticut. 3 Nursing home care costs vary from $148 per day in Shreveport, Louisiana, to $462 in New York City for a semiprivate room. 3

Home care — which most people prefer — is generally more affordable than nursing home care, but still can be expensive. When averaged nationally, the cost of a six-hour visit by a home health aide is $114. 3 That's $29,640 per year for a home health

aide visiting six hours per day, five days a week. These costs rise significantly if around-the-clock care is needed.

Click on the link below to get an estimate of the average costs of home health care, assisted living, and nursing home care in your area:

Find the Cost of Long Term Care in Your Area

When family members provide informal care at home, costs are harder to estimate. The caregiver may have to leave his or her job. Or perhaps the price is paid in emotional stress. These costs don't show up in economic statistics.

Once you have determined the cost of long term care in your area, you might want to learn about the options for paying for long term care services .

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