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How create ssl certificate

how create ssl certificate


IMail ships with an SSL Configuration Utility that you can use to create your own 128-bit SSL certificate. You can use the self-signed certificate within IMail, or you can purchase a trusted SSL certificate from a registered CA. To create a self-signed certificate, use the following steps:

1.) Open the IMail SSL Configuration Utility (Start | Programs | IMail) and click the Certificate Creation tab.

2.) Open the IMail SSL Configuration Utility (Start | Programs | IMail) and click the Certificate Creation tab. In version 8.2 or later, you can open the SSL Configuration Utility from the Tools menu in IMail Administrator.

3.) Click the Browse (. ) button in the Output Location box to select the folder you want the certificate created in.

4.) Enter information in all of the Certificate Information boxes:

City/Town. City or town where you are located. (Ex. Augusta)

State/Province. State or Province where you are located. (Ex. Georgia)

Organization. Company or individual user name.

Common Name. The hostname you enter here should be the hostname users use in their browsers

to connect to Web Messaging/Calendaring. For example: If users normally connect to:

then, enter '' (no quotes) into the 'Common Name' field.

Pass Phrase. Pass phrase that is to be used to encrypt the private key. It is important to remember this pass phrase. The pass phrase can be any combination of words, symbols, spaces, or numbers.

Pass Phrase Confirmation. Re-enter the same pass phrase as above.

Country. The country you are in. This must be a valid two letter country code. (i.e. US)

Email. E-mail address of an administrator for the server.

Unit. Name of organizational unit. (Ex. IT or Information Systems)

5.) After all of the boxes are filled in correctly, click Create to generate the keys, certificate, and certificate signing request. If all of the boxes are not filled in, you cannot create the certificate.

6.) Once the SSL Certificate has been created, you must select that certificate to be used in SSL connections to the IMail server.

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