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I Have A 1923 Silver Certificate 1 Dollar Bill, What Is It Worth?

how much is a one dollar silver certificate worth

If you have a 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bill, it’s fair to say that you will be the envy of many collectors. By visiting online auction services such as eBay, it’s common to see these rare collectible items involved in bid wars between banknote enthusiasts. According to literature that specializes in identifying paper money, such a rare banknote could gain up to $150 in today’s economy, but this depends on a few things.

Firstly, the banknote needs to be in mint condition if you are going to receive the top dollar from other dealers and collectors. The authenticity of your 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bill also needs to be verified. Because of how old the banknote will be, it’s likely that its value will be significantly higher than say a 1953 paper bill in comparison. This is due to the fact that as banknotes become older, there’s less of a chance of more being available and in a

good condition.

You should expect your rare item to collect at least $20 in an auction, but you should remember that transacting with a dealer may mean you get considerably less than this. After all, why would they buy an item if they wouldn’t be able to make profit on it themselves?

The ‘watch this item’ facility on eBay means that you’re able to see the outcome of 1923 Silver Certificate one-dollar bills that have been listed. Many people get worried during a two-week auction, and this is because 10 days in, there may not be too many bids. This shouldn’t be perceived as a lack of interest, instead, you should remember that many people will only throw their hat into the ring during the last 24 hours of a listing. Bidding too early can needlessly drive up the price, and strategy is key for dealers who want to get their hands on a rare find.

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