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Rising Adderall Prices?

how much is adderall without insurance

TheRza82 said: 08-28-2011 07:36 AM

Rising Adderall Prices?

I'm currently on 2 20MG IR Adderrall daily. I don't have insurance so I take the generics which work awesomely. As you all know, different pharmacies charge different prices for different drugs. Last month, I called the five closest pharmacies to my house which are all within two miles of a each other and got quoted prices as high as $80 dollars and as low as $26 dollars. Obviously, I went to the cheapest location and got 60 generic 20MG-IR Adderall.

This month however, I went to the same location to pick up my script and I was charged $45 dollars for the same quantity, same dosage,

and same generic. I was shocked to say the least. Obviously, I know that prescription drug costs can vary a little bit but going up nearly 100% in one month for a very common drug like adderall?

Did this happen to anyone else as well? Could there be a reason why it was so much more expensive this time then last? Was it just an isolated incident where I live in Arizona or did it happen anywhere else?

If the prices continue to rise is there any other options out there I can explore? I know they have Extended Release Ritalin for about the same price.

I'm not on Adderall for ADD either, I'm on it for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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