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Aflac Dental Insurance Benefits

how much is aflac dental insurance

by Tyler C.


Aflac Dental Insurance Benefits - I would like to share with this site my views about Aflac Dental. This is one dental insurance plan that you will not read much about because they do not process insurance enrollments online. The website is only a portal where you can get in touch with an insurance agent and set you up with the nearest sales office.

About Aflac and its Personalized Method of Handling Insurance Members

When I personally met the Aflac Dental Plans representative, she provided me with all the information I needed. I was able to ask as many questions I can and I signed up for the policy with a full understanding of the supplemental dental coverage I got for my family. In fact, the handling of the insurance is very personalized because from then on my insurance agent handled all my Aflac dental transactions for as long as I am a member and as far as the supplemental policy she opened for me is concerned.

Actually, my own individual plan is through my employer and I find it very convenient that my monthly insurance premiums are paid in the form of deductions to my salary. I have read of some reviews about Aflac Dental Insurance as totally useless because they make you pay for your dental expenses then file a claim for reimbursement. They claim that it totally defeats the purpose of their insurance.

About Aflac and its System of Handling Claims

As I mentioned earlier, Aflac Dental Insurance does not process insurance enrollees online but instead have you set up an appointment with an insurance expert who will inform you about the procedure aside from the coverage. It means before signing up for the plan, anyone who avails a dental coverage from Aflac already know the procedure of initially paying for the expense then file a claim. So why

are they complaining about it?

Maybe, they probably had their insurance through their employers also, then why not opt out and get the kind of insurance they want? I am pretty sure they were informed about the insurance procedures of the company.

One other thing is that any Aflac Dental Insurance enrollee knows that the best and fastest way to file your claim is through your Aflac insurance agent. You do not have to go through it yourself so there is also no reason to complain that it is such a hassle. Your agent knows the necessary requirements, and he or she will ask it from you before filing your claim. This makes the processing faster, so in a matter of four days and through your agent, you will receive your reimbursement without even lifting a finger.

About Aflac and the Amount they Pay

I also disagree with others who said Aflac does not pay much. I am able to claim as much as $1,200, but of course that would depend on how much you paid for. I had several crowns worked on and the dental bill reached around $4,000. I was not expecting much but I would have paid for that amount even if I did not have an insurance to cover it. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive the $1,200 because that was 30% of my dental costs.

I am truly satisfied with Aflac Dental Insurance that is why I figured I could enjoy the same savings on the dental expenses incurred by my family, instead of paying for their costs in full. That is why I added a supplemental Aflac Dental Insurance to cover the dental health care of my wife and kids.

After sharing these views, I am pretty sure the readers will know that there are different ways dental insurance works. Aflac Dental Plans made this clear even from the start.

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