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How Much is Allstate's First Settlement Offer?

Our law firm battles Allstate on a regular basis in car accident and other personal injury claims. Understandably, people want to learn about the settlement value of their personal injury claim. The settlement value is almost invariably a different number than the trial value. How different?

It depends on a number of factors but the biggest driving force is the size of the case. In small cases, maybe the trial value is 150%-175% of the insurance company's last offer. But in some large cases, it is not uncommon for the trial value to be 2000% larger than the initial offer. Does Allstate ever make first offers that are in the range of reasonable? Rarely. But it really does depend on the case.

Sometimes, victims have a more immediate question: What is the insurance company

going to offer me to start off the negotiations?

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What to Expect for a First Settlement Offer from Allstate?

We have had a lot of success getting quality settlements and verdicts against Allstate, earning well over $10 million against Allstate alone.

But that's at the end of the proverbial day. Victims often have the more immediate question of what is going to be Allstate's first offer to settle a personal injury case.

It is hard, maybe impossible, to compare cases. But let's use the amount of medical bills as some sort of simple barometer of the value a of case. We pulled some Allstate offers in semi-random fashion to give you some feel for what you might be able to expect:

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