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Is Banfield Pet Insurance worth It

Is Pet Insurance worth It

Is Pet Insurance worth It

Oftentimes, pet owners ask themselves if there’s really a need for pet insurance; is it even worth it to get one? It’s a valid question that’s definitely worth exploring.

Is Banfield pet insurance worth it ?

A lot of people have a negative reaction about pet insurance. For instance, most pet owners would rather just open up a savings account that they can use whenever they need to pay the veterinary expenses. Likewise, they believe that it’s just a “waste” of money to even get pet insurance premiums. Truth be told, this kind of people don’t really know the purpose of pet insurance.

Why Get an Insurance Policy?

A lot of people buy insurance of any kind in order to help them pay for unexpected, large, or unplanned expenses that are impossible for them to pay if they’ll rely on their bank savings. Thus, pet insurance is considered to be one of those questionable costs. Some would see this as important, while others would think that it’s impractical to even get one. Also, there are some who doesn’t know it even exists.

Likewise, people already have enough trouble choosing the right insurance for themselves, let alone their beloved pet. These decisions greatly depend on a number of variables. Though, most of the time, it’s about their affordability.

How Pet Insurance Works

Just like a medical health insurance, you’re going to take your pet to the vet, then pay the cost up front. Additionally, you’ll also need to file a claim against your pet insurance later. There are several insurance providers that would allow you to find any licensed vet, as well as reimbursement of the eligible costs.

The amount of reimbursement would depend on the service provider you’re going to choose. For instance, some health insurance providers reimburse 80% of typical costs, which leads us to the next topic.

The Coverage of Banfield Pet Insurance

* Surgeries



* Diagnostic tests

* Treatment

* Medications

What to Consider

When deciding if about the question, “Is Banfield pet insurance worth it ?” There are certain things that you need to consider, such as your pet’s current health and your personal resources.

Age and Health of the Dog

Puppies and young adult dogs don’t need to have a regular visit to the vet. If there aren’t any accidents, you could take your vet once a year, just for an annual checkup. Thus, a basic pet insurance may not be practical for this, and it’s advisable to acquire an emergency-only coverage option instead.

Likewise, if you’re not aware, even though lower-tiered plans charge for monthly premiums, they would still ask a relatively higher deductible for every incident. With this, you’ll likely benefit from an insurance plan if your dog is older. As dogs age, they start to develop sickness and are more prone to injury. Also, they spend more time at the vet. However, keep in mind that even with a full-coverage plan, there are some insurance companies that wouldn’t pay for the pre-existing conditions.

Vet treatments, especially if there has been an accident, could cost thousands of dollars and this is when the pet insurance policy would come in handy.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people aren’t aware that medical expenses play a big role in how much a dog really costs. Fortunately, Banfield pet insurance would ensure that you’ll always have a way to keep your lovable pet healthy, no matter what. Aside from that, the coverage would let you save thousands of dollars and you don’t even need to sacrifice anything just to save your pet.

Lastly, you could always start low if you’re uncertain about what kind of coverage you’re going to choose. Just add a higher coverage level whenever you’ll need it.

Is Banfield Pet Insurance worth It

Is Banfield Pet Insurance worth the money

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