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A digital certificate is your digital ID for doing online business (eBusiness) with ACC. It lets the other parties, including ACC, know who you are and ensures your online data is kept secure. Digital certificates are covered by either ACC or the Ministry of Health (MoH), depending what online access you require. If you lose your digital certificate however, the replacement costs lies with you.

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How digital certificates work

Digital certificates use Public Key Cryptography (PKC) to keep your information safe when it is sent to and from ACC.

Each certificate contains two digital keys:

  • a private key, which only you have
  • a public key, which can be made available to any party.

Your private details can only be sent when both keys are ‘open’, so you can block or allow the sending of any information, at any time.

Applying for a digital certificate

To register for a digital

certificate to access the eBusiness Gateway, complete the forms below and post them to the New Zealand Health & Disability Sector Registration Authority (NZHSRA).


Each practice need only complete one HealthSecure Organisation registration form and one ACC111 Vendor Registration form.

However, every person who needs a digital certificate must complete the HealthSecure User registration form.

  • HealthSecure Organisation registration form (DOC 77K) – apply for your organisation to become a member of the HealthSecure network.
  • ACC111 Vendor Registration form (DOC 286K) – register your organisation as an ACC vendor (if you are not already a vendor registered with ACC)
  • HealthSecure User registration form (DOC 65K) – apply to register your user as a digital certificate holder within your organisation.

If you need help completing the forms, please contact the NZHSRA on 0800 117 590 or .

Send to:


PO Box 30823

Receiving your digital certificate

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