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How much is car insurance for a 19 year old

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How much is car insurance for a 19 year old?

Teen drivers will almost always have a hard time finding cheap car insurance however there are many ways to find affordable car insurance policies. While a 19 year old driver may feel more mature than a 16 or 17 year old driver car insurance companies often do not award lower rates until drivers turn 25 or 21 depending on the provider and applicant profile.

Average Car Insurance For 19 Year Old

While it is true that a 19 year old driver who has been driving for 3 years will have lower car insurance than a 16 year old with an identical profile (except age) the difference is often minimal.

All teenage drivers or parents of young driver should be prepared for higher premiums during the early years of holding a drivers license.

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What tips can I use to get lower car insurance rates?

There are a number of things young drivers can do to lower auto insurance premiums. While some have more of an effect than others it really important to save money so read the tips below to help you save money on young driver car insurance.

Maintain Good Grades

Most car insurance companies have proven that teenage or young drivers with better academic records are less likely to file a claim than students with poor grades so in terms of risk those students with good grades often get rewarded with a car insurance discount. The average GPA required for an auto insurance discount is 3.0 so ask potential insurance

providers about any good grade discounts available as often you can save 10 or 20 percent on premiums! That’s more than enough for a new iPod!

Take a Driver’s Ed Course

Car insurance providers also love young drivers who have taken some kind of defensive driving course however these courses do not always provide a discount. Sometimes only courses approved by a particular car insurance company will qualify you for a discount so its important to ask any potential driving school exactly what car insurance companies their driver’s education class is approved by. You really don’t want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a course and not get the benefit of a discount.

Stay Close to Mom (or Dad)

Most young drivers live at home and if you can find a job or school relatively close its possible to maintain favorable rates on car insurance premiums.

Auto insurance companies love drivers who have small commutes and low mileage discounts are a great way to save 10, 20% or more on a car insurance policy.

Consider a Higher Deductible

This is one of the main ways to lower your car insurance premiums. Most auto insurance policies come with a $250 deductible but choosing to raise this to $500 or even $1,000 can possibly provide some really big discounts. The higher the deductible the more money you will need in the event of an accident however sometimes the change in rates can be often well worth paying a higher premium. You probably don’t have a financial advisor at this point so ask your parents about whether or not a higher auto insurance deductible is right for you.

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