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How much is caravan insurance

how much is caravan insurance

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The easy-to-use forms in our quotes process will ask for your basic personal details, the make and model of caravan, its size, age, purchase date, the use it's put to and (if applicable) its serial/CRIS registration number.

You'll also be asked for information on where the caravan is sited or stored, plus details of security at the location, and the security of the van itself.

You'll need to know the number of bedrooms/berths, and - if it's a touring caravan - whether it's a single or twin axle.

Being a member of a caravan club can impact on the price of your premium, and our quote process allows you to include membership details.

If you're looking for a quote for a tourer, you'll also be asked whether the van is professionally serviced, if you have any towing/driving qualifications, and for additional information on your driving history.

Did you know.

  • There are over 500,000 caravans on the road in the UK [1]
  • One in every 100 British adults is a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club
  • If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 January, 1997, you may need to take an additional driving examination to tow a caravan, known as the B+E test

The final section of the form will ask for details of the level of insurance required and of your previous policies/no claims bonus.

Our best-buy table will then present options highlighting the available products with details of the company, price, excess level, and whether services such as legal expenses, loss of key cover, UK breakdown or European cover are included.

If you see an option you like, click through for more detailed product information and for the chance to purchase.

To understand more on all such areas, try our caravan insurance guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

The guides deal with the different types of caravan insurance options, including use by family and friends, third party cover, public liability, fatal injury and insurance for contents and personal effects.

Read about things to look for on your policy, including exclusions relating to valuables, awnings, unforced entry, mechanical and electrical breakdown, wear and tear, mildew, vermin, storm damage, accidental damage, trade use, or use as a permanent residence.

There's also information on the B+E test, a look at how security impacts on your premium, a guide to towing, information on breakdown cover, a guide to tyres and advice on what to take on a camping trip.

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