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Thread: How much do you pay for home daycare insurance?

how much is daycare insurance

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How much do you pay for home daycare insurance?

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Just talked to my husband and he didn't misunderstand and that it would be $1000 MORE per year. Spixie and Crayola, may I ask who you get your insurance through? Thanks!

Hi Lisa

I am with coseco/DirectProtect

They cover me up to 5 daycare kids. PLUS my own. So I am covered up to 7 kids basically if needed. I called them after I already had daycare going because quite frankly I never knew that you should/could have insurance on the daycare until i took a course and I got scared at the thought of lawsuits for broken arms or accidents.

I was so

close to shifting insurance companies earlier this year because I found another company much cheaper for our vehicles but they would not cover me for the same amount of kids. Be careful with that. Some insurance companies will say they cover you for 5 kids but that is INCLUDING your own. be sure to specify if your kids are separate or included in their count.

I just made a simple phone call to my current insurance company and once I asked them the cost they said I HAD To insure the daycare now that I admitted to having a daycare running in my home.

I don't mind. It really isn't much money a year and it does give peace of mind that if a parent does get lawsuit -crazy (God forbid something were to happen).

I hope this links you to their contact info

I also saved money when I told them I was a Costco member. It actually saves me a couple of hundred per year

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