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how much is dental malpractice insurance
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Malpractice Insurance for Dentists

The dental profession is more challenged by the dental malpractice problem today than any time in the past. Dental malpractice has become common terminology in today’s society. While it’s easy to think, it will never happen to me–unfortunately, it can. It has never been more necessary to protect yourself as a dentist from the devastating effects of a lawsuit.

Just as you know which treatment protocol is best to help you examine, restore and extract teeth, the dental professional liability program knows which options are best to protect you, your reputation and your practice as a dentist.

Why Proliability Coverage is the Right Choice *

Proliability is proud to offer you comprehensive coverage with competitive premiums – we don’t believe you should have to skimp on coverage to make it affordable for you. Our Dental Professional Liability Insurance offers the following key features:

  • Extensive Coverage: Various limit options up to $5 million per claim/$5 million aggregate per policy year
  • Whole Team Protection: Coverage available for legal entities, ancillary dental professionals, employees, and volunteers
  • Competitive Rates: Highly competitive rates with discounts available for attendance at risk management seminars and other favorable risk characteristics
  • Lost Wage Reimbursement: Reimbursement for lost wages due to various activities, including trial attendance, that may be required of you in your defense
  • Court Costs Coverage: Payment of certain expenses incurred in your defense, in addition to the limits of liability
  • Lost Wage Reimbursement: Reimbursement for lost wages due to various activities. including trial attendance, that may be required of you in in your defense
  • Claims-Made or Occurrence-Based Insurance Options: Both types of malpractice insurance are offered to meet your needs (competitors typically only offer one type).

Check out the Program Details tab for additional information about our dental malpractice insurance! Additional features* of our Dental Professional Liability Program include the following:

  • Consent-to-Settle
  • Defense Cost in addition to the limits of liability
  • Extended Reporting “Tail” Coverage available
  • No Membership Fees
  • Affordable Group Premiums
  • Board Examination Coverage
  • Claims and Risk Management Services, including your own dedicated claim manager
  • Optional: General Liability on an Occurrence Basis that covers your premises, products, completed operations, which includes medical payments up to $10,000.**
  • Optional: Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability on an Occurrence Basis**
  • Optional: Employee Benefits Administration on an Occurrence Basis**
  • Optional: Employment Practices Liability up to $25,000 on a Claims-Made Basis**
  • Optional: Medical Waste Legal Reimbursement up to $50,000 on a Claims-Made Basis**

Liberty International Underwriters is the marketing name for the broker-distributed specialty lines business operations of Liberty Mutual Insurance.

*This is only a summary of insurance policy provisions offered in the program. Certain coverage benefits described herein may not be available in your state at the time of policy issuance, or may be available, but with differing terms and conditions. If any conflict exists between the benefits described herein and those contained in any actual policy issued, the terms and conditions of the issued policy prevail. Coverage is only bound upon underwriting acceptance. Applying and paying for coverage is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program.

**Optional features available for an additional premium. May not be available in all states.

Learn More about Professional Liability Insurance for Dentists

As a Dentist, being careful and choosing the right treatment protocol is important

to help protect your patients’ teeth and overall well-being. So when it comes to your professional liability coverage, you should take the same care in choosing the right coverage and providers who will help protect you. With ProDentistSolutions, you’ll get just the right combination of expertise, service and liability coverage to protect you, your career and your practice.

ProDentistSolutions includes several distinct advantages over other competitors. Features both claims-made or occurrence liability coverages (most only offer one or the other). Includes general liability coverages among other much-needed benefits. Automatically offers risk management and claims services (including your own dedicated claim representative).

Claims-made coverage. Covers when an incident happens and the actual claim is reported while your policy is in force.

Occurrence coverage. Covers incidents that happen during your policy period regardless of when the claims are reported.

Here's an example to help you differentiate the coverage:

Let's say Dr. Smith had a policy he purchased in 2004 and he treated a patient in 2005, but then terminated his policy in 2006. In 2007, the patient sues him for treatment that occurred in 2005.

If this were an occurrence policy, Dr. Smith would be covered because the situation that brought the claim "occurred" while he was insured.

If this were a claims-made policy, Dr. Smith would not be covered because the claim was made after he terminated coverage.

This is an important distinction and one you need to be aware of when you switch providers. Many Dentists purchase extended reporting "tail" coverage to make sure they're protected for any gaps in coverage.

Continue to learn more about the features that ProDentistSolutions can offer you!

  • No membership fees .
  • Consent to settle. Requires your consent before a claim or lawsuit is settled on your behalf.
  • Loss of earnings. Pays up to $500 a day, maximum $5,000 a claim for loss of earnings due to suspension of practice.
  • Defense costs. Your defense costs are paid—whether you win or lose.
  • Expert dental defense and claims management. With decades of dental malpractice experience, the Dental Professional Liability program experts have the knowledge and experience to handle your claims.
  • Free access to dental liability experts .
  • Board examination coverage. Covers you for legal obligations from professional services during your dental training and your state/regional examination.
  • Affordable group premiums .
  • Extended reporting "tail" coverage .
  • General liability coverage. Coverage for your office, dental products and completed operations. The Dental Professional Liability program also provides valuable protection for your office—including up to $10,000 in medical payments coverage for reasonable medical expenses causes by accidents on your premises.
  • Non-owned and hired auto liability. Pays if your employees use their own cars for business and a claim is filed for an incident. Coverage includes bail bonds up to $250 and out-of-state coverage extensions.
  • Employment practices liability. Protects you up to $5,000 on a claims-made basis if an employee brings a lawsuit against you for wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other violations. Higher limits are available.
  • Medical waste legal reimbursement. Receive up to $50,000 on a claims-made basis if sued for improperly disposing medical waste.
  • Property damage. Pays up to $500 on an occurrence basis.
  • Personal injury and advertising injury liability. Protects you against claims involving false arrest, detention, imprisonment, libel, slander, violation of copyright, among other claims.
  • First aid expense coverage. Pays up to $5,000 for expenses you incur to provide first aid to a patient after your services caused the injury.

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