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How much is dj insurance

Read This Before Starting Your DJ Business

Music is almost always the best way to get a party started. As a DJ, you bring joy to your clients and other patrons who are looking to have a good time together and dance the night away. But, since you're in an environment where things can sometimes go wrong, your expensive equipment could easily be damaged. Additonally, you face some liability risks when you move equipment, set up a laser show, or turn on a fog machine. Don't take the risk of losing your gear or getting into an expensive liability lawsuit without protection. Get DJ insurance to protect your equipment and your investment in this lucrative career.

2 Main Risks DJs Face

Different DJ

Liability Insurance Protection Options

DJ insurance can also cover general liability risks, as mentioned above. DJ liability insurance protects you if the venue or property at the venue is damaged or someone at the event is harmed as a result of your actions or equipment. Normally, you are protected up to a $1,000,000 or even higher depending on the limits you set on your insurance.

On the other hand, if you are working at weddings, parties and other private events, you will need to have your own liability coverage. In fact, most private venues will require it. Getting the right coverage at the right price can be a challenge, so make sure you speak with your insurance professional to be sure you're getting adequate liability protection.

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