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How much is family health insurance

how much is family health insurance

Different packages

The price of family health insurance differs substantially depending on number of family members, their age, place of residence, pre-insurance health conditions and lifestyles. The price also varies depending on the level of cover a family chooses. An average UK family can usually afford a basic insurance package, while comprehensive packages are more expensive. With a free alternative available from the National Health Service, families should be able to combine private and state services in a way that avoids too much pressure on the family budget.

What is covered?

Most private insurers offer three levels of cover. Plans name differ, but the fuller the package the more expensive it is. Family insurance plans can include any and all of the following: hospital fees, emergency surgery, physiotherapy, surgeon’s fees, consultations, scans, tests,

travel medical cover, cancer cover and dental care. With cancer care, some private insurers claim to provide access to lifesaving drugs not offered by the NHS. Private family insurance plans are flexible, so you can tailor them to your specific needs or budget.

Estimated cost

Family health insurance offered by a typical UK private insurer costs around £7 per month, if you are under 30 years of age, self-employed, do not smoke and live outside the UK’s big cities. For 40 year olds, the price is around £10; for 50 year olds it is around £14. The price of a comprehensive family plan can be as high as £250 per month. You might be able to find lower prices and, with more intense competition between private insurers, the prices are likely to go down.

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