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Vertical Flight has been in the eyes of our ancestors since the mid 1500s. Leonardo Da Vinci made the first drawings of the helicopter we know today. It took hundreds of years and the invention of the internal combustion engine to make it all work. Since then, helicopters have evolved into some of the most widely used machines in modern society. Search and rescue, logging operations, executive transportation, personal use, medical evacuation, fire fighting, instruction/training ,aerial application, traffic patrol, scenic rides, and oil platform support are just a few popular spots for the helicopter. Nothing is as fun and as amazing as the helicopter experience.

At Leading Edge Aviation Insurance, we understand the risks involved in helicopter operations. Many of our agents are former underwriters and understand how to place your helicopter insurance risk. We know the personalities of the individual underwriters, and we know who to approach to get you the best helicopter insurance coverage and price. Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with special risk helicopter operations such as crop dusting. offshore oil platform support. long line heavy lift construction. fire control. pulling wire and line maintenance for power line construction. logging. heli-skiing. transporting dynamite and drills

for seismic operations and more.

We represent all the major helicopter insurance underwriters and search the entire market to insure your risk is packaged in a way to insure the lowest possible quote. We can also arrange your premium financing, service vehicles coverage, workers compensation, life or health insurance for pilots and much more.

The service we provide our customers ranging from ordering additional insured certificates as needed 24/7, continually reviewing financing or alternative options for lowering your costs or being available for any questions or other service needs you may have, Leading Edge Aviation Insurance welcomes the opportunity to assist you in any way we can.

So, bring us your Bell. Eurocopter. Sikorsky. Erickson Air-Crane, McDonald Douglas. Kaman, AgustaWestland. Boeing, Robinson, Schwiezer, Enstrom, Brantly, even your older Hiller or Hughes and let us find a helicopter insurance home for you that best fits what you are doing with your helicopter.

Leading Edge is proud to present a new website for helicopter tour operators. This site is designed to deliver customers to your doorstep. If you are a tour operator make sure your company is listed in the search directory. Just another way we are working to promote the industry. is available in the following languages:

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