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How much is mcse certification

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MCSE certification does not lead to a specific job as an MCSE, but is applicable to several different job roles in the IT sector. Job titles which may use MCSE-related skills include Network Analyst, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Technical Support Engineer or Technical Consultant.

Salary Expectations

As at December 2010, gives the average salary for a Systems Analyst as $82,000 per year. Jobs which require an MCSE at entry may offer a higher starting salary. If you qualify as an MCSE while already in an IT position, you could reasonably expect a raise upon completing the MCSE.


An MCSE does not guarantee you a higher salary, and salary expectations vary widely according to the state in which you work, your career history, and the length of your related experience in the field. Earnings vary according to geography, company structure, and the scope of additional benefits offered with a specific job.



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